Fabled Wind


Commission Status: OPEN

About Me

I'm Fable! I stream art on Twitch when I'm not studying for my Game Design courses.

I love drawing in a more "anime" style, but I can also render very nicely! My art skills are constantly growing the more I draw, so I'm keeping my gallery updated with my most recent works so you always know where my current skills lay.

I draw people, dragons, and animals alike! If my ToS doesn't make it clear if I can draw what you want, feel free to ask me. I won't bite!

You can contact me through twitter, email, or discord (Fabled Wind#3740) , though I tend to be a bit slower at responding to email.

Commission prices & examples


All prices are per character. Complex designs (e.g. lots of jewelry, small parts, armor etc.) will cost extra.
Simple Backgrounds are a couple colors, simple shapes, etc.
Complex backgrounds consist of more detailed objects or nature scenes.
* If any price changes due to complexity of the design, I will let you know in advance!

Colored Sketch

Bust: $20
Half Body: $40
Full Body: $80
Simple Background: +$6
No complex backgrounds on sketches.
*Starting Prices, will increase based on complexity

Simple Shaded Style

Bust: $60
Half Body: $120
Full Body: $250
Simple Background: +$10
Complex Background: +$50

*Starting Prices! Will increase with complexity.

Full Render:

Bust: $200
Half Body: $300
Full Body: $500
Simple Background: +$20
Complex Background: +$100
*Starting prices! Will increase with complexity.

Terms of Service


General Info

✧ Finished commissions will be sent as a zip folder to your desired destination (discord or email).
✧ You may repost my art with proper credits
✧ You may not make profit off my art. (Unless we discuss commercial rights)
✧ I retain the rights to the commission, including posting it online.
✧ You'll receive progress photos throughout the commission process.
✧ DO NOT send payment until I confirm that I can complete the commission.
✧ You MAY NOT edit or take credit for my art.

✧✧ I WILL NOT DRAW: NSFW, gore, mecha, way too complex backgrounds. I have the right to decline any requests. If I have to design your character for you, it will cost extra. Proper references are required.

Violators of any ToS will be banned from future commissions, and I will tell all my art friends about you as well. :)


✧ I'll start on the commission once I have received payment and references.

✧ Prices are in USD and must be payed through Paypal Invoice.

✧ I will let you know when I have sent the invoice.

✧ Please give me 1-3 weeks to complete your commission. DO NOT RUSH ME. Large commissions with multiple characters and/ or complex backgrounds will take even longer, but I will tell you that when we are discussing.

✧ If I feel that I can't do your commission, I have the right to decline it.


✧ All commissions must be payed IN FULL upfront.
✧ DO NOT send payment until I confirm that I can complete the commission.
✧ PAYPAL ONLY. I will request payment through Paypal Invoice.
✧ If I do not receive payment within 10 days of confirming your commission, I will open that commission slot to someone else.


✧ 100% will be refunded if the sketching process has not begun.
✧ 80% Refund after sketch has been completed but before confirmation*.
NO REFUND after confirmation of the sketch phase.

* (Confirmation is when the commissioner has given me the "OK" to proceed with the commission after reviewing the sketch. Confirmation must be within a week of me sending the sketch. If I do not hear from you after a week, you will only receive a 70% refund.)

Commission Process

✧ To commission me, please contact me through Twitter, Discord, or email.
✧ We will discuss what the commission is about and what you want me to draw. Bonus points if you have lots of references and a pose idea!
✧ After confirming that I can complete the commission, I will tell you the price. Once the price is agreed on, I will send a Paypal Invoice and let you know that I have done so.
✧ Once I have received payment, I will begin the sketching process.
✧ I will send the sketch once it is finished and ask if there are any changes needed. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE FOR ANY MAJOR CHANGES.
✧ Once you have approved of the sketch, I will begin the line art and color.
✧ I will send you updates on the line art and coloring, but only minor changes are allowed at this stage.
✧ Once I've finished your commission it will be sent to your desired destination (discord or email).

You may post my finished commission on social media WITH PROPER CREDIT.